NT-FESTE:  25' June 2014

Nano-Tera.ch Workshop on Future Embedded Systems Education

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Nano-Tera.ch Workshop on Future Embedded Systems Education

Education for the Next Generation Technology Innovators and Creators

Lugano, 25th June 2014, 9 am - 3 pm

The goal of this Nano-Tera Workshop on Future Embedded SysTems Education (NT-FESTE) is to design an effective, flexible and successful educational program for the “Embedded Systems Designers” of the next ten years, based on experience gained - in particular, although not exclusively – within the Swiss Technology Research Program Nano-Tera.ch.

The Workshop will take place at  the Università della Svizzera italiana, Red Building, Room A22 Via Giuseppe Buffi 13 in Lugano. You are kindly invited to register (registration is free): you will thus be able to access all the introductory material prepared for the workshop.

The Workshop program features a Keynote by Prof. Ian Phillips, Principal Staff Engineer at ARM Corporation on Embedded Systems Education and Engineering, followed by a study carried out by Prof. Mariagiovanna Sami (Politecnico di Milano) and Prof. Miroslaw Malek (USI) on the Future Embedded Systems Education.

The study, based on interviews with industrial experts and on the analysis of job offers in the Embedded Systems area both in Switzerland and world-wide, aims at reassessing expertise, educational background and even mind-set expected from young designers entering the job market as well as executive education proposals for existing designers, will be presented at the Workshop (results of interviews and analysis are provided, in a structured form in the Workshop material).

Next, Prof. Giovanni De Micheli, Director of Nano-Tera program and Chair of its Executive Committee, will moderate a Panel on Embedded Systems Curriculum for the Future in which academic and industry leaders will share their views on the topic. The Workshop will be concluded by a general, open discussion, which will provide the guidelines for a renewed teaching plan in Embedded Systems Design; a buffet lunch will provide further opportunity for informal exchanges.

The FESTE workshop marks the fifteenth anniversary after a first meeting held at USI (in 1999) that proposed a pioneering curriculum in Embedded Systems Design (the basis for the ALaRI educational offer)

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